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Edible Soil

This school year, I have tried several new hands-on activities for Science and Social Studies. I really enjoy teaching these subjects. Most recently, we did Edible Soil. After studying soil for a week, our culminating activity was to create edible soil with pudding, wafers, chocolate chips, and gummy worms. As we put each layer together, we discussed as a class what each food item signified. 

After, the class got to eat their “dirt cups” and boy, were they yummy.  I found this activity in our Enhanced Scope and Sequence, which gives sample lesson plans for each Standard of Learning (SOL). 

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Hello world!

I was born to teach. Yep. I know it sounds so cliche, but it’s true. As a little girl, I showed all the signs. I wrote my lessons on my chalkboard/white board. I made class seating charts of my stuffed animals. I took attendance and recorded their mock spelling tests in my very own teacher gradebook.  Plus I had access to old textbooks from my mom’s days as an English teacher. Yes, my mom was an educator for 35 years. She retired as a principal a couple of years ago. So, some of that also rubbed off on me.

And yet, I didn’t end up teaching right away. As I got older, I discovered a love for writing. Well, I decided that teaching would have to wait while I did this journalism thing.  I majored in Journalism with a specialty in Newspaper.

I ended up as an education reporter at a newspaper in VA. It was like the best of both worlds. I was writing and I was able to get inside the schools and interview teachers, staff, and students.  Wow, what neat things they did in the schools!

One day, a principal of one of the schools approached me about teaching. He said he thought I would make a good teacher.  So, I interviewed and less than a month later, I was hired!

So, that’s how it finally happened for me. I’m in my sixth year of teaching 3rd grade now. Good things have happened to me and for me in my short career.

This blog will be an outlet to share the excitement and hope that I have for my personal career and for the profession in general.

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